The Rhythm Section

tonyDemo1Tony Flores • Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar
Born:  Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona:  Native
Day Gig?  Sit Down Comedian
Night Gig?  Stand Up Comedian
Other Gigs:  Disc Jockey
Favorite Musicians:  What is Hip?
Words of Zen:  “Did you hear the one about the priest, the alligator and the blind chicken?”


tim1Tim Finn • Lead Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Born:  Chicago, IL
Arizona:  Semi-Native
Day Gig?  I move Electronics
Night Gig?  I play with More Electronics
Other Gigs:  All gigged out right now
Chicago Style BBQ? Absolutely
Words of Zen:  “Let’s get it ON!”


richWebDemo1Rich Brydle • Rhythm Guitar
Born:  Ohio
Arizona:  1962, MOSTLY a native
Day Gig?  Spend $$ for an Event Management company
Night Gig?  6-stringed Gunslinger
Other Gigs: Cold Shott’s Babysitter
Favorite Musicians:  Too Many…..oh, OK…..Eric Clapton
Words of Zen:  “Isn’t this great?” and “Whatever.” And the classic.. “How’s that working out for ya?”


richWebDemo1Paul Lubben • Keyboards and Vocals
Born: Some time ago
Arizona: Semi-Native
Day Gig? Full Time Piano Man
Night Gig? Piano Man
Other Gigs: Senior Center Planning Committee
Favorite Musicians: Good Ones…..
Words of Zen: “Yeahhhhh Babbby!”


richWebDemo1Dan Mueller • Drums
Born: Missouri
Arizona: Since the 70’s….
Day Gig? Head Janitor at a Financial Company
Night Gig? Drummer a la carte
Other Gigs: Pretty good dancer
Favorite Sports Team: Go SUNS!
Words of Zen: They’re not here to see you Frank, Weird Al Yankovich was on your plane….


richWebDemo1Dave Bedel • Drums
Arizona: Yep
Day Gig? Drum instructor
Night Gig? Drummer
Other Gigs: Drum Mechanic
Favorite Food: Mexican Food!
Words of Zen: Dave’s Zen comment is still in the works